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At Slán Eco we specialise in the use of hemp, lime and other natural building materials to provide sustainable and ecologically sound solutions for building, restoration and renovation. We supply a range of high quality, certified products includes insulation, hemp block and shiv, lime renders and natural paints. 

The materials we use in our home or living spaces can have a huge impact on our health and well-being in addition to the cost and impact on our planet.

By using sustainable, recyclable and low-impact building products we can help to significantly drive down carbon emissions, reduce harmful plastic waste and create durable homes and buildings for the future

Hempcrete Consultancy & Specification
Bio-based Architectural Design
Bio-based Construction Products

Building on our long experience as specialist hempcrete contractors, our technical and consultancy team is able to advise on the broad implications and specifics of the use of hempcrete, and other bio-based materials, for your project. UK Hempcrete provides a range of consultancy, technical and training services, tailored to your project.

We’ve been designing and building with hempcrete for years, so we have the complete range of skills needed to support and progress your project whatever stage you are at.

Our in-house design team exists to deliver high quality architectural designs for sustainable buildings using hempcrete and other low embodied construction materials, products and methodologies.

Specialising in low impact design and technical detailing for hempcrete and other biobased buildings, the Studio Bio team is also highly skilled in concept design, proposing bold solutions within the strict design parameters of high performance modern buildings, budget restrictions and Whole Life Carbon ambitions.

The Natural Building Store is our online shop front, where we provide supply of cutting-edge biobased and low-impact building products. In addition to a full choice of tested and proven hempcrete products, we supply all associated biobased and low carbon products, and are dedicated to stocking only the most sustainable products we can source.

Our experienced team has years of specialist experience in specifying biobased, carbon-sequestering, vapour-permeable construction build ups, and is ready to guide you through the purchase and use of these innovative construction products.

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