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Who is Slan Eco?

At Slán Eco we specialise in the use of hemp, lime, sheep wool and other natural building materials to provide sustainable and ecologically sound solutions for building, restoration and renovation. Our range of high quality, certified products includes insulation, hemp block and shiv, lime renders and natural paints. 

The materials we use in our home or living spaces can have a huge impact on our health and well-being in addition to the cost and impact on our planet.

By using sustainable, recyclable and low-impact building products we can help to significantly drive down carbon emissions, reduce harmful plastic waste and create durable homes and buildings for the future


Certified Products

Our products are fully certified for use in Ireland and UK

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Courses for builders, home owners, architects and self-builders


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Hemp and lime are particularly suited to the renovation and restoration of solid masonry wall buildings, where breathability is of the utmost importance to prevent mould and damp through condensation issues. 


Using hempcrete or hemp-block and other natural building materials offers ecologically sound and sustainable alternatives to building with concrete, savings on heating costs and improving the overall health of our homes and work spaces.


A home retrofit upgrade will transform the comfort levels of your home and reduce your energy bills. Enjoy a warmer, cosier and healthier home, reduce your carbon footprint and increase your property value with our natural insulation solutions.


From its thermal and insulation benefits to durability, fire-resistance, pest-resistance, acoustic and aesthetic properties, as well as ease of installation there are endless advantages to switching to hemp as a building material.


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